Madrid: Around 1,5 million of young pilgrims with Pope Benedict XVI

Around 1,5 million of young Catholics from all over the world participated in the final Mass of the World Youth Day (WYD) (21 August 2011), celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI at the military airport of Cuatro Vientos, a few kilometers from Madrid.

Hundreds of thousands of young Catholics come from places so distant as Argentina, Uruguay y Mexico, India, Australia y Japan, to take part in the four-days pilgrimage of the WYD, which they shared with many other European young people, most of them from Spain and Portugal.

The common feature: joy in the young faces that did not changes not even for the severity of weather (temperatures that soared to 40C and a furious storm) or sleeping out in the open.

The common reflection: we are happy because we are a lot with the same faith and because the Holy Father is with us.

The Pope urges them: “Share with others the joy of your faith,” and the young people already mention the WYD 2011, as “the day of faith.”