Premier Putin proposes primary elections for all political parties

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposes legislative amendments to introduce primaries for all political parties.

The proposal was made in the recent meeting[i] (23 August) of the National Popular Front’s Federal Coordination Council devoted to summarise the results of Front primary elections. 

The Premier spoke about the need to develop institutions of inner party democracy and to encourage fresh talent to come into power, bringing along some new and meaningful ideas.

He mentioned that the institution of primary elections in Russia was only in its formative stages, and it will be necessary to work to streamline the process. Making reference to the Front primaries pointed out that has been a positive experience that has produced good results, mainly because brought out talented people and original ideas.

Premier said that, based on this experience, primaries for all Russian political parties could stimulate political life in that country, and asked their colleagues from his party who are currently sitting in the State Duma to consider, along with members of other parties as well, the possibility of making primaries a standard practice for all political parties, and introducing the appropriate amendments to the existing laws.